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March 22, 2023

Samuel Associates Helps Companies Succeed in Canadian Defence Procurement

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The Canadian government is a significant buyer of defence equipment, services, and capabilities, making government procurement an important sector for defence and dual-use technology companies. However, Canadian government procurement is uniquely complex, challenging, and often frustrating for those suppliers who attempt to navigate it on their own. The rules are very complex and strict, and there is always a high level of competition for the government’s attention. Strategic government relations firms like Samuel Associates are critical in helping private companies qualify, pursue and win federal defence procurement contracts.

As Canada's industry-trusted government relations firm specializing in defence and national security procurement, Samuel Associates is uniquely positioned to provide guidance and assistance to private companies looking to engage with Government of Canada departments and agencies.

We deeply understand the Canadian government procurement process, including the legal requirements, social and industrial procurement policies, and procedures that are part of winning government contracts. We have strong existing professional relationships with key decision-makers in government, including elected officials, public servants, military officials and policy-makers, built up over decades of combined experience among our Defence Team associates.

Here are some examples of how we help companies succeed:

Strategic advice: We provide strategic advice on approaching the procurement process. This includes identifying key decision-makers, potential partners, developing a targeted communications strategy, and positioning the company as a strong candidate for the contract.

Advocacy: Our team of experts advises client companies to advocate with key decision-makers in government. This includes arranging meetings with officials and providing briefings and presentations to ensure the company's interests, capabilities and other important information are heard and understood.

Intelligence gathering: Our firm provides business intelligence on the procurement process, including information on competitors, key decision-makers, and the political climate surrounding the opportunity or contract pursued. This information enables the client company to develop a more effective strategy for positioning itself to win the contract.

Compliance: Samuel Associates helps ensure that a client company fully complies with all relevant regulations, requirements and other federal government social procurement policies, including Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA) policies, GBA+ requirements, federal set-asides, and ITBs. This includes ensuring the company has the necessary certifications and proper security clearances like Controlled Goods to participate in the procurement process.

Local presence matters: For companies with some or limited Canadian presence, having a trusted partner in Ottawa like Samuel Associates provides a local platform, brand awareness and on-the-ground marketing and logistics support.

Crisis management: In the event of a crisis, such as a negative news story or political issue, we provide crisis management and strategic communications services to help the client company navigate the situation and protect its reputation.

The bottom line: By working with Samuel Associates and our Defence Team, we provide a competitive edge to client companies, improve their chances of winning federal procurement contracts, and grow their business in Canada's defence sector.

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