Katie Majkowicz

Katie Majkowicz

Digital Marketing Designer
Areas of Expertise:
Web Development
Social Media Management
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Market Research

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Katie has extensive experience in the creative industries and has been able to apply her understanding of human behaviour to the modern consumer market. She has worked in-depth with and across various social media platforms that actively engaged target audiences and garnered revenue organically. Katie is responsible for leading the Integrated Digital Marketing and Communications division.

Katie has lead various local, national and international digital marketing campaigns, where she successfully created unique experiences by implementing original designs using advanced graphics applications. Katie provides clients with expert advice to help establish and embody their vision, while simultaneously executing the technical foundation that supports it.

As a graduate of Ryerson University, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, her ability to successfully combine design elements and technical proficiency with her understanding of human behaviour has led her to lead and manage several national and international digital marketing campaigns.

Katie has a passion for the outdoors and spending time with her family. A lover of Philosophy, you’ll find her reading the early works of Socrates or Descartes in her free time.