Tiffany Isesele

Tiffany Isesele

Digital Communications Coordinator
Areas of Expertise:
Social Media Management
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design

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Tiffany Isesele is a professional social media specialist with a strong passion for marketing, technology and online communications. At Samuel Associates, she is the Digital Communications Coordinator responsible for supporting and implementing client-specific social media strategies.

As an entrepreneur managing her own freelance social media business, Tiffany has worked on various successful local, national, and international social media campaigns for both private and non-profit organizations.

As a graduate of Carleton University, she received her Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Sociology. Her ability to analyze information, complete in-depth research and combine design elements, she excels at creating a strategic user experience. Tiffany continually strives to improve her digital media knowledge, tools and techniques, and skillsets by pursuing and completing various communications certificates and accreditations.

As a marketing and communications professional focusing on the client experience, online analytical results and how it can improve business value and positioning, Tiffany provides expert advice on social media and technology trends.

Tiffany is a part-time vegetarian, Beyonce Lover and Christian. In her free time you can find her laughing with friends, listening to music or watching anime and TV shows