Market Advisory Services

Goran Samuel Pesic, President & CEO of Samuel Associates

"We help companies achieve government recognition for their technological excellence and innovation. Clients work with us to ensure that their solutions can help modernize government institutions while keeping Canada at the forefront of technological change." - Goran Samuel Pesic

Meet Our Market Advisors.

Our Market Advisors have held executive leadership positions in Canadian, US and overseas industries. Each expert has decades of experience in various sectors, including defence, security, heavy equipment, manufacturing, and management consulting.

Our Market Advisors have deep knowledge of industry dynamics and the competitive landscape. They support our clients with business development strategies, marketing and sales advice, and government contracting and procurement insights. Let our experts take your business to new heights.

Business Planning and Analysis.

We provide a structured business plan with short and long-term feasibility analyses. This will help you define the marketplace dynamics and to reposition you to capture new opportunities.

Illustration of a business plan
Illustration of a market research report

Market Research.

We provide in-depth market research to better inform and position your organization as the right solution in your target market. We offer strategic fact-based professional research support in a variety of areas to help with new business launches, corporate repositioning, new market development and recalibrating corporate strategies.

Selection of Strategic Partners.

We provide research and assessments on potential partners of interest, conduct due diligence and risk analysis, and in-person interviews with senior company executives. Once the right partners are chosen, we work with your organization to ensure that all aspects of the new partnerships are operationalized. This allows you to conduct business securely and with trust. We provide assistance and guidance with teaming agreements, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and other partnership arrangements.

Illustration of strategic partner selection
Illustration of business development

Business Development Support.

Our experienced team of industry executives helps your organization with its business development efforts. We also support you with strategic advice, guidance, opportunity monitoring and business intelligence.

Increase Your Opportunities and Reduce Risk.

Entering a new market can be challenging and costly if the dynamics aren’t right. By engaging us as a consulting partner, your organization contracts out their worries to us and reap the benefits of an experienced partnership including:

Reduced initial investment for market entry

Reduced risk associated with market entry

Accelerated market entry process

Ability to test the market before committing long term capital investments

Improved chances of success

Market assessments and partner due diligence

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