Anthony Gualtieri

Anthony Gualtieri

Legal & Regulatory Affairs Advisor
Areas of Expertise
Corporate Law
Regulatory Compliance
Intellectual Property


Anthony Gualtieri holds a distinguished career spanning law, international diplomacy, and advocacy. He currently serves as the Legal and Regulatory Affairs Advisor for the Samuel Group of Companies in Canada and the United States, focusing on government relations, political advocacy, and regulatory duties from his offices in Ottawa and Washington, D.C. With a diverse educational background in law, media, public relations, and political studies, he brings a rich foundation of knowledge to his role.

Anthony is also the principal and head of the legal firm at Gualtieri & Associates in Toronto, where he champions the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He is a vocal advocate for transparent governance, minimal government interference, and strengthened civil liberties, highlighting the crucial role of fundamental rights in fostering a free and just society.

On the international front, Anthony's experience includes serving as an international fellow at the Atlantic Council of the United States, sponsored by Global Affairs Canada, and recognition as an Emerging Leader at the NATO summit in Istanbul, Turkey as the Canadian Youth Ambassador. These roles have honed his skills in addressing complex Canada-U.S. issues and global challenges, which underscore his profound influence on legal frameworks both domestically and internationally.