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With a global reach and a Canadian foundation, Samuel Associates specializes in delivering comprehensive Government Relations and Strategic Advisory services to businesses, governments, and organizations worldwide.

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We're passionate about helping organizations achieve their strategic objectives through effective execution. Our client-centric proven approach combines collaboration, strategy alignment, actionable roadmaps, engaged leadership, communication, and performance tracking.

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Samuel Associates in the News

June 4, 2023
China nearly hitting U.S. warship is ‘clearly provocative’: ex-navy head

China’s close manoeuvring near a U.S. ship in the Taiwan Strait was “clearly provocative,” says retired vice-admiral Mark Norman.

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May 27, 2023
Thinking the 'unthinkable': How China could change Canada's conversation about nuclear subs

If the cold conflict with China heats up, experts say, Canada's surface ships will be vulnerable

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April 26, 2023
Philippe Lagassé: Sure, let’s spend more on defence, but what’s our long-term plan?

Calls to increase Canada's defence spending tend to ignore the long-term trends and the structural conditions that make a larger commitment

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Industries Served

Our Industry Specializations

Our industry specializations allow us to provide our clients with a competitive advantage. With a deep understanding of various domains, our team has the expertise to help organizations thrive in their respective industries.

Aerospace & Space
Professional Services
Artificial Intelligence
Defence & Security
Green Technology & Infrastructure
Mixed & Augmented Reality
Biometrics & Identity Management
Health Sciences
Global Supply Chain
Autonomous Systems & Drones

Policy Insights Forum

The Policy Insights Forum (PIF) is a nonpartisan Canadian non-governmental organization. The PIF helps improve public policy and decision-making through independent research, analysis and engagement.

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