Annual Halifax Citadel Reception

Join Us On 3 October 2023

Samuel Associates, in collaboration with our partners and sponsors, warmly invites all DEFSEC Atlantic delegates to the Annual Halifax Citadel Reception.

Our featured charity, the National Naval Reserve Monument Association, will be central to our gathering as we celebrate our shared commitment to strengthening our maritime defence and fostering meaningful connections in the Industry and Community.

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Samuel Associates is a private advisory firm providing strategic business-to-government advice and support to a select Canadian and international clientele. We are a trusted speaking partner and advisor to C-suite executives.

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We offer our select clients the following customized services, either as stand-alone projects, such as strategic decision-making reports or as supportive elements in a larger ongoing advisory relationship.

Strategic Consulting

Market Advisory Services
Business Development Support
Strategic Communications
Stakeholder Engagement

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Government Relations

Enterprise Government Relations
Lobbying & Political Advocacy
Defence Procurement
Government Contracting

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Industrial & Technological Benefits
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Indigenous Business Engagements

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We offer our select clientele the following customized services, either as stand-alone projects, such as strategic decision-making reports or as supportive elements in a larger ongoing advisory relationship.

Strategic Advisory

Advisory Services for Executive Leadership: Bespoke guidance and support for top-level decision-makers.
Business Intelligence Solutions: Comprehensive insights and analytics to drive strategic decisions.
Support Services for CEO Decisions: Specialized assistance for CEOs in navigating complex decisions.

Government Relations

Advocacy and Lobbying in Politics: Influencing policy and decision-making through strategic advocacy.
Engagement and Mapping of Stakeholders: Identifying and interacting with key stakeholders.
Regulatory Frameworks Advice: Expert guidance on navigating and complying with regulatory environments.

Government Contracting

Procurement Strategies for Defence Companies: Tailored solutions for engaging in defence procurement processes.
Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Strategies: Strategic planning for ITB compliance and maximization.
Social Procurement and Engagement with Indigenous Communities: Strategies for meeting social and Indigenous procurement objectives and requirements.

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We're passionate about helping organizations achieve their strategic objectives through effective execution. Our client-centric proven approach combines collaboration, strategy alignment, actionable roadmaps, engaged leadership, communication, and performance tracking.

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Samuel Associates in the News

September 13, 2023
Convention speaker sends ‘wrong message’ CAF culture could roll back under potential Poilievre government, say experts

With the Conservatives putting the spotlight on a former senior military official who has controversially criticized “the woke movement."

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September 5, 2023
Wilczynski: Canada's warning about LGBTQ travel to the U.S. is past due

Recent days have seen a chorus of objections and outright mockery of Global Affairs Canada’s travel warning for LGBTQ travellers to USA.

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July 27, 2023
Michel Maisonneuve: Trudeau shows disregard for military by replacing capable minister in time of crisis

There was no need to move Anita Anand out of defence at this critical time, Canadian Armed Forces to be burdened with a new minister.

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The Policy Insights Forum is a non-partisan Canadian Think Tank focusing on strategic over-the-horizon public policy issues through independent research, analysis and engagement.

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