Consulting Service Fee Arragements Policy

Effective Date: June 1, 2020

Our agreements are typically presented as comprehensive proposals that outline objectives, tasks, fees, timelines, and outcomes. We pride ourselves on the excellence and value of our services, believing that these are the cornerstones of long-lasting business relationships. Our aspiration is always to fulfill our contractual obligations and surpass them.

We set our charges at a competitive rate in line with industry standards. Given the specialized and customized nature of our consulting services, we do not provide arbitrary discounts. Any reduction in our fees corresponds to a decrease in the scope or depth of the services offered.  However, we are committed to suggesting solutions in alignment with our clients' financial constraints and schedules. Transparent agreement on the fee structure from the outset is crucial for both our clients and us, ensuring mutual understanding of upcoming tasks and goals. Please note that, in compliance with Canadian federal law, we do not accept success fees for lobbying efforts governed by the Lobbying Act.

Our goal is to offer payment structures that accommodate varied client needs. We present three-tiered fee schedules:

  1. Corporate Advisory Service: Billed with a minimum charge for four hours.
  2. Short-Term Projects: Spanning one to six months.
  3. Extended Retainers: Ideal for clients needing sustained access to our expertise and consistent support, especially when the scope of work stretches over an extended duration.

To facilitate diverse payment preferences, we accept:

Invoices unsettled beyond 45 days will incur a monthly late fee of 2% of the remaining invoice amount.