Samuel Associates is a private advisory firm providing strategic business-to-government
advice and support to a select Canadian and international clientele.

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Samuel Technologies, offering cutting-edge international technology transfers, to Quantox Canada’s superior software development and engineering prowess. Benefit from Samuel People’s innovative HR management and workforce transformation solutions, and rely on Samuel Strategies for expert public relations, crisis management and strategic communications.

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About Us

With a global reach and a Canadian foundation, we deliver comprehensive Government Relations and Strategic Consulting Services to corporations, governments and organizations worldwide.

Serving a wide range of clients operating in various industries and sectors, we bridge the gap between Private and Public Sector entities by providing innovative business solutions.

Our Distinguishing Values

Innovative Excellence is not just a value but a guiding principle that sets us apart. We believe in constantly pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, and embracing cutting-edge solutions to deliver unparalleled client results. Through our relentless pursuit of Excellence in everything we do, we consistently strive to exceed expectations, drive positive change, and shape the future of our Industry. This commitment to Innovative Excellence fuels our passion and enables us to provide transformative solutions that create a lasting impact for our clients and their business success.

Our Locations

We are part of the Samuel Group of Companies, a private holding company headquartered in Ottawa (Ontario) and with associate offices located in Toronto (Ontario), Montréal (Québec), Fredericton (New Brunswick), Halifax (Nova Scotia), and Calgary (Alberta).
We are also located in Washington D.C., USA and Brussels, Belgium, to serve clients interacting with the United States, NATO and the European Union.
Samuel Associates Headquarters
350 Sparks Street, Suite 901, Ottawa ON Canada

Our History

Est. 2014











Policy Insights Forum

In 2020, our passion for meaningful discussion and debate launched The Policy Insights Forum, a non-partisan NGO with a commitment to facilitating meaningful Canadian Public-Private Policy discussions regarding national defence, international relations, emergent disruptive technologies, climate change, and the economy.
The PIF issues publications, organizes events, creates partnerships with policy think‐tanks and government organizations, and offers fellowships.

We Are TRACE Certified

Samuel Associates is TRACE Certified, wherein staff and associates have underdone anti-bribery and anti-corruption training.

Meet The Team

Get to know our industry leaders and those who have contributed to our success.