A non-partisan government relations firm and strategic consultancy.

Who We Are.

Samuel Associates is Canada’s leading strategic consulting and government relations firm headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. We advise a wide range of clients operating in Canada and worldwide in various industries and sectors.
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Our Distinguishing Values.

The Samuel Associates’ ethos is represented by the Latin motto Sublato Facem Cognita or ‘Raising the Torch of Learning’.  As a strategic consultancy, we emphasize collaborative learning at every stage of our client engagement. Learning gives us valuable insights and, in turn, helps our clients achieve competitive foresight.

Where You'll Find Us.

We are part of the Samuel Group of Companies, a private holding company headquartered in Ottawa (Ontario) and with associate offices located in Montréal (Québec), Fredericton (New Brunswick), and Halifax (Nova Scotia).
We are also located in the Brussels, Belgium, to serve clients interacting with NATO and the European Union.
Samuel Associates Headquarters
350 Sparks Street, Suite 901, Ottawa ON Canada

Our History.

Est. 2014









Founder Goran Samuel Pesic launches Samuel People Inc., a company that develops and implements forward-looking human resource strategies, training, and professional development programs, which support public-private sector executives. Samuel People becomes a Member of the Samuel Group of Companies.

Samuel Associates expands its overseas presence and opens its Brussels Bureau to support clients and enable them business entry into the NATO and EU marketplaces, and conversely European-based clients greater access to Canadian and American markets.

Policy Insights Forum.

In 2020, our passion for meaningful discussion and debate on national defence issues, international security, emergent technologies, and the economy led us to launch the Policy Insights Forum (PIF).
The PIF issues publications, organizes virtual events, creates partnerships with policy think‐tanks and government organizations, and offers internships.
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We Are TRACE Certified.

Samuel Associates is TRACE Certified, wherein staff and associates have underdone anti-bribery and anti-corruption training.

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