Updated on:
October 11, 2023

The Samuel Client Portal Adds Significant Value for Clients

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To see full published article, click here.
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Samuel Associates is pleased to offer clients access to the Samuel Client Portal. Launched this year, the new portal gives clients a convenient, secure, and state-of-the-art space for working with Samuel Associates. Here’s how the Samuel Client Portal improves the client experience and reflects Samuel Associates’ values.


The portal exists for the convenience of clients, which is always at the forefront at Samuel Associates. It provides clients with another channel for interacting with the team at Samuel Associates and streamlines the completion of necessary paperwork. Through the easy-to-use portal, clients have a dedicated and centralized space to upload, view, and take action on documents or communications relevant to their account at any time and from anywhere in the world.


The portal provides clients with a high degree of security that is a hallmark of all Samuel Associates’ operations. Overseen by our seasoned cybersecurity experts, the portal is a secure, cloud-based service that preserves client confidentiality and safeguards client data. The portal allows clients to share sensitive data with not only ease, but also confidence. It is one reason that clients can trust Samuel Associates to manage sensitive material and proprietary information.


The portal exemplifies the spirit of “Innovative Excellence,” the firm’s motto and a driving consideration in its operations. As a forward-looking team, Samuel Associates strives to identify and implement opportunities to innovate, stay ahead of trends, and put clients first. The portal does this by offering clients a new, user-friendly service that adds significant value.

The Samuel Client Portal is just one of the ways that Samuel Associates is catering to the evolving needs of clients and changing the industry for the better. For more information about how our client-oriented ethos and commitment to Innovative Excellence can help your firm, schedule a consultation today.

To see full published article, click here.
To see full published article, click here.