Profiles in Leadership

Samuel Associates CEO Launches New ‘Profiles in Leadership’ Podcast Series

CEO Goran Samuel Pesic kicks off Samuel Associates’ new Profiles in Leadership podcast series, focusing on the career successes of the firm’s Senior Associates and how these experiences translate into assisting clients in achieving their business objectives.

In his thirteen-minute conversation with host Jerry Pitzul, Chief Strategy Associate of the Samuel Group of Companies, Goran provides insight into his leadership style and reflects on his thirty years of experience in international business, political, defence, and security matters. By pooling these capabilities together, Goran was able to establish Samuel Associates in 2014 as one of Ottawa’s leading strategic consulting and government relations firms.

Goran identifies shared values and a commitment to ethics, integrity, and client excellence — including a desire to serve Canada from a public-private sector perspective — as the recipe for the firm’s ongoing success.

Engaging with the firm’s wide variety of clientele requires different skillsets, entrepreneurship, and a sense of resourcefulness. To solve the diverse problems facing Samuel Associates’ clients, Goran harnesses his abilities in organizing people, executing plans, making goals, and motivating individuals to achieve excellence in their endeavours.

At its core, Samuel Associates is a listening organization. Goran emphasizes that the firm takes a “People-First” approach to all aspects of its operations, and that this good reputation allows Samuel Associates to act as a trusted bridge between private sector partners and government officials.

Moving forward, Samuel Associates seeks to carry its approach across the country with interest in expanding to the Greater Toronto Area, Western Canada, and Brussels, Belgium, to gain closer access to NATO and European Union-related opportunities. In the near future, Goran looks forward to opening the first-ever overseas office of Samuel Associates.

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