Government Relations & Public Affairs

We are a full-service Government Relations and Public Affairs firm specializing in new and emerging technologies. We provide our clients with trustworthy advice on matters dealing with political lobbying, marketing-to-government campaigns, strategic corporate communications support, government procurement and bid opportunity positioning.

Goran Samuel Pesic, President & CEO of Samuel Associates

"We help companies achieve government recognition for their technological excellence and innovation. Clients work with us to ensure that their solutions can help modernize government institutions while keeping Canada at the forefront of technological change." - Goran Samuel Pesic

Experienced Registered Lobbyists.

Our professional team includes registered lobbyists with years of experience. This allows us to schedule meetings and communicate directly with elected and appointed senior government officials on your behalf.

Trustworthy Advice. Strategic Guidance.

We prepare our clients to convey their specific issues, concerns, or unique offering in a credible and trustworthy manner. Using a set of lobbying services, we develop communication products to educate and inform a sophisticated and skeptical government audience.

Illustration of an arrow hitting the bullseye of a target

Strategically Target Your Key Audience.

Our approach is not to merely communicate your messages across a variety of audiences. Instead, we actively work with clients to develop a comprehensive Contact Plan that strategically targets audiences who are most receptive to your specific issue, concern, or unique offering.

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