Political Lobbying & Opinion Forming

Political lobbying and opinion-forming in Canada is the application and development of modern marketing and, more specifically, marketing-to-government.

At Samuel Associates, we help engage public office holders, senior government officials and military and public safety leaders on behalf of our clients.  

A significant factor driving lobbying activities by organizations are changes to government regulations, access to government funding programs (grants and loans), as well as defence and security procurement opportunities.

Professional lobbying is about making representations to elected and appointed decision-makers as well as senior public servants. At Samuel Associates, we work with CEOs and Presidents of organizations to prepare them to make their case or representation to particular decision-makers, since they generally are the holders of power and authority in their organization.

Our registered political lobbyists and internal subject matter experts have a deep understanding of the government policymaking process as well as insights into what motivates and drives key departments and agencies to make decisions so that they can implement government action. All our employees and associates uphold and abide by the federal Lobbyists' Code of Conduct as well as all provincial and municipal lobbying codes of conduct. We also adhere to and are guided by our own firm's Code of Ethical Conduct.

When we are engaged in lobbying activities on behalf of a client, and the Lobbying Act covers those activities, we will not under any circumstances, accept success fees that are prohibited by Canadian federal law.