Stakeholder Relations

Samuel Associates is a trusted advisor to your management team when navigating matters surrounding the stakeholders of your organization. We work with our clients to engage, manage and develop the proper stakeholder relationships to build corporate strategies and targeted business initiatives. Our goal is to create a positive business impact, not only for our clients but also for their primary stakeholders.

Stakeholder relations is a multi-faceted component of our Government Relations and Public Affairs services. We integrate our strategic marketing and communications skills to develop mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and key groups, which share a common interest in the success of a specific client initiative. We help our clients build credibility based on their issues, products, services or solutions. We always aim to find a win-win agreement with the stakeholder groups we engage on behalf of our clients.

Our stakeholder relations experts have worked at the highest levels of the Canadian government and industry. This has enabled us to understand and anticipate the importance of maintaining a positive and professional corporate image in the eyes of our client's stakeholders. Working together with our integrated digital marketing and communications specialists, we guide our client's digital messages to ensure that they align with the sentiment of the client's stakeholders. This ensures we help our clients engage in smart social media messaging and web best practices to help promote their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).