Professional Development

We help individuals create or revise both their personal and professional narratives. We achieve this through a reviewed and enhanced Curriculum vitae outlining their key accomplishments, a revamped professional biography, reference evaluation, and an employment engagement plan.

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Our Professional Development Services

Our services are customized and tailored to meet the needs and circumstances of each client with the goal of personal satisfaction for each individual that embarks upon a new and successful transition.

Our engagement process begins with executive testing using leading-edge assessment instruments to assist individuals in identifying appropriate career options.

Executive Business Mentoring

Recommended for individuals who seek to advance in their professional careers as industry leaders. This program will optimize your performance while maintaining balance.

Public Sector Transitioning*

Recommended for individuals who are transitioning from elected office, political appointments, or senior political staff positions and are looking to establish a new career path.

Government Advancement*

Designed and recommended for public servants who are seeking to advance their career within their home organization, or desire to move across different government departments to enhance their career experience, or for individuals who might want to work post-retirement.

Public Security & Veterans*

Designed and recommended for soon to be retiring public security, police and military officers who have served Canada for many years, and now desire to reposition their career skills and experience in the private sector or other government employment opportunities.

Individuals who have completed our five-step Professional Development program report significant increases in personal productivity and overall performance. Our corporate, public sector, government, and public security clients also report measurable benefits such as increased productivity and realigned personal career satisfaction.

* Samuel Associates Inc. is a registered company with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) and the House of Commons. The company’s Government of Canada procurement business number is 81043 2799 PG0001. We will use this business number when invoicing government departments.

Our Five Step Process to Success

Step 1

Strategic Self-Assessment

Step 2

Strategic Self-Awareness

Step 3

Strategic Opportunity Framing

Step 4

Strategic Plan Implementation

Step 5

Strategic Management

Ongoing Coaching & Support

Following a proven five-step process illustrated above, our clients undergo an intensive program with a focus on executive self-management, personalized planning, behavioural change, accountability and achieving results.
"For anyone working in politics, this professional development program can help you overcome job uncertainty and set you on the right career path. I would strongly recommend it to my colleagues."

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