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Professional Services: HR Company Thrives

April 13, 2023
Samuel Associates

Key Achievements Summary

• Revamped the company’s marketing strategy
• Guided the company through federal accreditation processes
• Contributed to forming business-to-business partnerships with key sector players
• Identified and advised the company on relevant opportunities within existing government procurement architecture
• Helped to facilitate the company’s merger with a larger, publicly traded firm

Moving into new markets and sectors can generate exciting company opportunities and drive growth. Reorienting a company’s core market or area of competency, though, requires the right expertise. In consultation with the experts at Samuel Associates, a boutique human resources and talent management firm in Ontario built a solid foundation for expanding its offerings, extending its geographic reach, and merging with a larger firm.

Eyeing New Horizons

The firm had an established and respected presence in southern Ontario in manufacturing, transportation, and logistics. Having succeeded in that geographic region and those sectors, it was keen to keep growing. In the future, it envisioned itself as not only operating beyond southern Ontario, but also partnering with clients in the sectors of public safety, security, and defence, including veterans.

Implementing an Ambitious Vision

The forward-looking team at Samuel Associates shared the firm’s ambitious vision and commitment to working with different clients, especially veterans, who comprise a large portion of the Associate roster at Samuel Associates. Through dialogue with the team, the client appreciated that making these inroads and gaining traction in the targeted spaces would entail reimagining the company’s branding and approach to marketing. We consulted with the company to shape and roll out a compelling marketing strategy, coupled with supporting materials, that spoke to a different set of audiences.

To begin, the firm had to take steps to meet sector-specific standards. Unfamiliar with the terrain, we supported the firm in identifying and attaining relevant federal accreditations. Additionally, we educated the firm about federal social procurement initiatives and worked with them to align company policies with existing government guidelines. We also helped the firm to understand that a broader repositioning would ensure short-term gains and long-term competitiveness in the targeted sectors.

The final pillar of the firm’s cross-sector pivot, to which we contributed, was forging new relationships. We applied our relationship-building skills and assisted in cultivating business-to-business partnerships that shifted the firm’s model toward sector norms.

A Successful Merger

Collaborating with Samuel Associates put the firm on a course where its top-notch services could benefit a wider client base. The overhauled marketing strategy reflected the company’s evolving priorities and became a compelling and exciting vehicle for communicating with different audiences.

Our firm also delivered the credentials and know-how to succeed outside the client’s traditional operating areas. Obtaining necessary accreditations established the firm’s bona fides in the defence and security sectors while securing expert guidance ensured that the company’s internal policies reflected federal guidelines. Along with the firm’s recent complement of portfolio-enhancing business-to-business partnerships, it was well on the way to achieving prominence in the defence and security side of human resources and talent management.

These results elevated the firm’s standing within the industry. While working with us, the company caught the attention of a large, publicly traded technologies and business solutions firm. With the assistance of Samuel Associates, the two firms merged, amplifying the successes that had already been achieved.

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Professional Services: HR Company Thrives

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