Updated on:
February 4, 2021

Alex Luscombe joins Samuel Associates as Digital Events Manager

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To see full published article, click here.
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Katie Majkowicz
Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist
Samuel Associates Inc.
(613) 292-3936
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Samuel Associates welcomes Alex Luscombe as the new Digital Events Manager.

Alex has been operating in the digital media industry for several years and has developed a deep passion for media, design and events management.

Beginning his career as an Audio Engineer, Alex immersed himself in the entertainment industry, leading several marketing campaigns for live music events, as well as organized recording studio launch campaigns. He has recorded and produced several albums in addition to releasing some of his own music.

Goran Samuel Pesic, President & CEO of Samuel Associates said:

"I am pleased to welcome Alex as an important member of our core team at Samuel Associates where he will be supporting client work in the domain of digital events management and strategic marketing. Alex brings a unique blend of technical, artistic and business acumen to the firm."

Alex's experience and skills extend into cinematography, graphic design, marketing, and large scale event management. He has been on the forefront of establishing digital event strategies to ensure that the events industry continues to thrive in the new era of online engagement.

Alex is highly driven to provide the best quality content and is constantly working on bettering his skill set in order to do so. This can be seen on his YouTube channel where he explores his passions for cinematography and self improvement.

To see full published article, click here.
To see full published article, click here.