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June 29, 2022

Barbara Fleury on how Client Leadership is Used to Tackle Client Challenges

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In Profiles in Leadership, host Jerry Pitzul interviews Barbara Fleury, retired RCMP Assistant Commissioner and current Senior Security Associate with Samuel Associates. The podcast series features perspectives from the firm’s Senior Associates, looking at how their career successes assist clients in achieving their business goals.

As a bilingual senior public safety professional, Barbara specializes in policing, national and international security, and professional development. To bridge the gap between the Public and Private Sectors, Barbara advises clients to adjust their pace and expectations. While both sectors share a similar view of skills and professionalism, they differ in their operational environments.

A strategic consulting and government relations firm like Samuel Associates embody the best of both Sectors when it comes to solving client challenges. Through the firm’s unique business model, our Associates accomplish multiple objectives for clients. They provide guidance in navigating the various areas of government through their collective expertise, and they also provide realistic timelines and support in explaining the internal processes of governmental organizations so that private sector executives can make sound business decisions. Lastly, they match the needs of the government departments and agencies dealing with national security issues (in Barbara’s case) with the specialized products, services or solutions offered by Private Sector companies.

For Barbara, leadership embodies three main qualities: Vision, Self-Awareness, and Collaboration. Leaders are aspirational figures, who can make out the road ahead. They hone positive traits, but also recognize and communicate when they see impediments to the team’s progress. A leader’s legacy says much about them in the way they influence and mentor others to success.

When asked to compare management with leadership, Barbara explains that managers ensure tasks are accomplished, whereas leaders propose new ideas and pursue innovation as they challenge their team with learning opportunities. In her work with policing organizations in Canada and around the world, Barbara learned how good leadership functions in exigent and emergency circumstances. She now applies this approach to her consulting role with Samuel Associates where she assists clients in achieving their business objectives government marketplace.

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To see full published article, click here.
To see full published article, click here.