Updated on:
June 7, 2021

Dr. Christopher Ankersen of New York City Awarded Honourary Fellowship

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To see full published article, click here.
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Policy Insights Forum

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The Policy Insights Forum (PIF) Selection Committee is pleased to announce that Canadian scholar Dr. Christopher Ankersen of New York City, New York State, is an Honourary Fellowship recipient.

Dr. Ankersen is a distinguished Professor and lecturer at many influential universities in Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark and other countries, including the London School of Economics, King’s College London, Carleton University and the Royal Military College of Canada. He has extensive knowledge in civil-military relations, strategic studies, international security, and crisis and disaster response.

In addition, his experiences of service to the United Nations (UN) in Europe and Southeast Asia will give the Forum valuable insight into international relations and geo-political issues in those regions.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Ankersen to our esteemed group of PIF Honourary Fellows. We recognize his accomplishments in the field of international security and governance through his academic achievements. As we work together, I am confident his expertise and insights elevate our strategic policy discussions with leaders in Canada,” said Goran Samuel Pesic, President and CEO, Samuel Associates and Chair of the Policy Insights Forum.

Ankersen maintains an active research presence through his contribution as Senior Fellow at the Canadian International Council, the German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance, Thammasat University, Thailand; and as a member of the Regional Consultative Group for Asia and the Pacific on Civil Military Coordination in Disaster Relief.

Dr. Ankersen currently serves as an Associate Editor with the journal International Politics Reviews. He is also the co-founder of the NYU Project on Armed Forces and Society.

Chris holds a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science; and a BA. in International Politics and History from the Royal Military College of Canada. He is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Center for Global Affairs at New York University, where he teaches in the Transnational Security concentration.

To see full published article, click here.
To see full published article, click here.