Updated on:
November 1, 2023

Samuel Associates & CIPE: Leading Arctic Economic Dialogues

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To see full published article, click here.
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This October 14-20 marks a significant stride in Arctic economic collaborations as Samuel Associates embarks on a pivotal journey to Iceland and Greenland in concert with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). This expedition, sponsored by the U.S. Government, is not a mere diplomatic visit but a targeted effort to deepen ties with the unique Arctic business ecosystem.

Why the Arctic, one may ask? With its unique environment and resources, the Arctic region presents unparalleled opportunities and distinct challenges. The primary objective is to engage directly with Arctic stakeholders to glean first-hand insights into the business climate specific to this region. The consultations are tailored to identify specific gaps, challenges, and opportunities that would steer private-sector investments, ultimately fostering regional economic growth and development.

Leading the Assessment Team is Samuel Associates' Senior Strategy Advisor, Artur Wilczynski—a former Canadian Ambassador to Norway, whose expertise and experience are as extensive as they are impressive. Accompanying Artur are Samuel Associates' Executive Office Staff, Aliénor Peyrefitte and Louis E. Romet, whose collective background in international relations and Arctic studies will benefit the engagement process and its final recommendations.

However, the team is not complete without the senior representatives and co-facilitators from Washington, D.C.-based CIPE, who will play an instrumental role in these stakeholder consultations. Their involvement underscores the importance of these strategic dialogues, as CIPE has long been a proponent of strengthening democracy through private enterprise and market-oriented reform.

What makes this initiative significant? It focuses on establishing a robust groundwork that will be instrumental in connecting the pan-Arctic community, including governments, business networks, and other organizations. This nexus is crucial, as it is anticipated to be a catalyst for regional development and strategic cooperation.

This mission goes beyond immediate economic interests; it is about understanding and integrating the environmental and socio-cultural uniqueness of the Arctic into sustainable business models. It is also about creating business narratives that resonate with the Arctic's identity while echoing in the boardrooms of investors the importance of Greenland, for example, within the North American economic and trade context.

To see full published article, click here.
To see full published article, click here.