Updated on:
January 29, 2024

Unmanned High-Altitude Flight Systems: A New Era of Stratospheric Innovation

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Samuel Associates is pleased to showcase an innovative Veteran-owned business to the Defence and Security community in Canada, the US and NATO. Stratotegic Inc. specializes in high-altitude platform station (HAPS) technologies. Founded in 2019 by a former helicopter pilot Jeremy Henderson who has over two decades of experience in the Royal Canadian Air Force. His focus now as CEO is on revolutionizing flight and air traffic control coordination on an international scale, particularly for HAPS enterprises.

The company addresses critical challenges in the HAPS aerospace sector, tackling issues such as navigating uncharted territories, decision-making in complex environmental conditions, and managing unpredictable situations in conflict zones or disaster areas. Stratotegic’s unique approach includes enhancing autonomous high-altitude balloon networks by developing AI systems capable of accurately understanding and harnessing stratospheric winds. This innovation is designed to provide temporary high-speed internet in regions hit by natural disasters or conflicts.

While modern tech giants like Alphabet Inc. and SpaceX have utilized balloons to expand internet access in remote areas, Stratotegic distinguishes itself by mastering wind currents and their effects on balloon positioning, which is increasingly crucial due to climate change.

This dual-use technology company is currently developing prototypes and establishing worldwide partnerships, including a key government project on quantum communications and Earth Observation (EO).

Stratotegic is also undergoing an investment phase aimed at commercial expansion. With its expertise in HAPS airspace coordination and authorization in multiple countries, they are poised to become a leading Canadian entity in the industry, reinforcing the notion that the “Sky is no longer the limit.

To see full published article, click here.
To see full published article, click here.