Updated on:
October 26, 2023

Announcement: Welcome to Western Canada, Samuel Associates

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We are delighted to bring you news of Samuel Associates' expansion to Western Canada. A journey of growth and Innovative Excellence continues as we tread new terrains, promising more opportunities and expertise to our clients and partners.

In the words of our CEO, Goran Samuel Pesic:

"Expansion means not only growing in terms of geography but also in expertise, values, and commitment. Western Canada offers a new chapter for Samuel Associates, and I am confident that with our collective endeavours, we will pen down a remarkable story of success. To guide our voyage in this region, I'm thrilled to introduce Stewart Campbell as our new Calgary-based Senior Associate."

Stewart is a testament to the diverse expertise and experience that Samuel Associates holds in appreciation. After dedicating 20 remarkable years to the Canadian Armed Forces, Stewart transitioned to the business realm, leaving a trail of successes in his wake. With deep knowledge in the fields of International Trade and Intellectual Property and a history of working at senior management and executive levels, Stewart embodies the essence of a seasoned executive leader. His accolades, from the UNDOF medal to the QEII Platinum Jubilee, are proof of his commitment and exceptional service.

But what truly defines Stewart is not just his decorated professional journey but also his passion for community upliftment. Whether he is building homes with Habitat for Humanity or supporting the Veterans Foodbank, Stewart's heart lies in giving back. And when he takes a breather from his benevolent activities, he continues creating, only this time, amidst shavings and wood, bringing visions to life in his workshop.

In Western Canada, Samuel Associates is not just bringing business and helping our clients achieve greater success, we are also bringing a legacy of commitment, passion, and Innovative Excellence.

To see full published article, click here.
To see full published article, click here.