Updated on:
February 11, 2023

What does a Samuel Associates consulting engagement buy?

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Our clients acquire strategic advice and recommendations, implementation of work, hands-on guidance and step-by-step help in executing and achieving their business objectives.

How do clients receive recommendations?

Almost invariably, the output is data-driven advice combined with deep government experiential and operational knowledge, and our recommendations focus on achieving the client’s business objectives.

For institutional and large clients, the delivery of this output is primarily an Enterprise-level Government Relations Campaign, which includes a campaign strategy and execution, a campaign contact plan, individualized presentations and materials, and end-to-end client meeting support.

Why clients turn to Samuel Associates for their strategic GR needs

Our advice and recommendations offer clients 1) functional expertise, 2) objective opinion, and 3) on-demand support whenever the client needs help during the engagement period.

Clients pay for the quality of advice

Finally, clients know that Samuel’s approach to working with all client types means they will receive professional, ethical and customized advisory services every time.

Bottom line

Our quality of advice equals client value.

To see full published article, click here.
To see full published article, click here.