Defence & Security Procurement

At Samuel Associates, we believe that the future of defence and security spending by the federal government will increasingly rely on technology solutions.

Our firm focuses on helping clients identify and pursue defence and security procurement opportunities. We specialize in working with companies involved in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicle systems, biometric and identity management solutions, synthetic training environments and other high-tech enterprises. We recognize that the threat environment is rapidly changing and that companies in these industries require trustworthy and reliable advice to help guide them through the complex procurement process.

Our team provides a comprehensive approach to defence and security procurement, campaign development and strategy implementation. Our experts have occupied positions of leadership and trust in the defence and security industries, government and the military. This deep experience provides our clients with a competitive advantage as they assess and plan for specific procurement opportunities. We work alongside our clients - from developing campaign plans, capture strategies to winning the bid - at each stage, our experts provide insight, knowledge and strategic advice.

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