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Manufacturing: Reenergizing An SME Manufacturer

As business circumstances change, so must strategies. Samuel Associates saw this dynamic at play when a Quebec-based SME in the manufacturing industry struggled to win government contracts.

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Professional Services: HR Company Thrives

Moving into new markets and sectors can generate exciting company opportunities and drive growth. Reorienting a company’s core market or area of competency, though, requires the right expertise.

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Autonomous Systems : A Start-up Succeeds

Scaling up and diversifying a company’s offerings presents a challenge for even the most seasoned companies. Unsure about where or how to begin, an up-and-coming, US-based drone manufacturer.

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Secure Comms: Seizing Shifting Circumstances

An ever-increasing number of online transactions run on novel technologies and systems. Seizing the business opportunities connected to the digitization and its growing infrastructure can prove daunting, especially for smaller firms.

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Maritime: Finding and Exploiting an Industry Niche

A well-established and maximally exploited market niche can afford a company a robust and dependable asset. Conversely, an underexploited niche can lead to missed market opportunities.

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Aerospace & Space: Helping a Space Company Reach for the Stars

The Canadian space sector is flourishing, and many companies are looking north. But without visibility or Canadian-based connections, companies looking to expand into the market can benefit from support.

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